Who we are
We a group of experienced, qualified, registered tradesmen, each specialising in our own skills, and coming together to bring you the best quality work for your home. By working as a team we are able to provide a complete service, whether you need one trade (e.g. a decorator) or many (including plumber, electrician, tiler, roofer, carpenter . . .)
We take pride in our work, and we know that word-of-mouth referrals are our best advertising, so every customer receives the best service we can offer.
Based in South London, we work throughout London and the South West.
What we do
We specialise in domestic building works. This means that we understand the pride our customers take in their homes, and respect them and their property. We do not try to apply the tools and materials suitable to large commercial buildings or new estate builds where many houses are being worked on simultaneously.
We offer a complete service, from a minor repair to a major refurbishment or complete extension. This includes:
We offer advice and guidance and are happy to provide a free no-obligation quotation for any job.