They say that a bad workman blames his tools – but where would we be without the equipment which allows us to ply our trades?

From spanners to shovels and welders to fibreglass fish tape, these are the gadgets and gizmos which allow us to do our jobs and make our money. Which is precisely why we need to exercise as much caution as possible when storing our tools to protect our livelihoods from theft and damage.

“No tools stored in this vehicle overnight”

We’ve all seen the common “no tools stored in this vehicle overnight” signs, but exactly how preventative are these stickers, and do they in fact encourage theft during the day?

We’ve also all heard the horror stories from colleagues and friends about robberies from vehicles, garages and sheds. Local newspapers are frequently peppered with headlines like “£4,600 of Tools Stolen from Plumber’s Van” and “Spate of Van Robberies in South Wimbledon.”

While tool insurance and the right vehicle insurance may cover the cost of replacements, lost days’ work and the time it takes you to order and get the hang of new bits of kit can be much harder to recoup.

…Which all goes to show that you can’t be too careful with the equipment which is your lifeblood.

So how can you get smarter about tool storage and ensure your equipment is safe as houses? We’ve compiled a few pointers which will help you minimise the risk of theft and damage.

1) Engrave your tools

You may choose to paint your tools a distinctive colour or write your name on them in permanent marker, but both of these techniques can be undone with paint thinner and other removal methods. If you really want to make your tools difficult to resell, engrave your name on them – clearly. This will serve as an immediate visual signal to would-be thieves that pinching your kit won’t be worth the effort.

2) Lock it all up

If you have no option but to leave tools in your vehicle or at a work site while you’re not there (and especially overnight), make sure you take proper precautions to protect them. That means locking smaller items in a secure job box which itself has been chained to something solid to make it hard for the box to be loaded into a vehicle. Larger tools should also be chained and locked to an immovable object.

3) Use a secure storage space

You may not have space in your home or garage for all your kit, or you also may have fears about your home security if you store tools there. Making use of a secure storage space – complete with 24/7 CCTV monitoring – will give you a convenient place to keep your gear and will offer you complete peace of mind that your tools are safely under lock and key. Yes, it’s an additional cost, but it’ll probably work out a lot cheaper than the alternative (replacing stolen gear)!

4) Know your serial numbers

Whether you’re stashing your tools at home or at a secure storage unit, noting down each item’s serial number when you buy it is a smart move. This will ensure that if equipment is robbed and pawned, it can be identified and returned to you.

5) Embrace technology

Wherever you store your tools, embracing technology can help keep them even safer. From alarm systems for gang boxes to small GPS trackers, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you’re alerted to threats and can trace your kit should the worst happen.

Which steps do you take to protect your tools? If you’re hunting for an accessible and secure storage space in South Wales, then discover Easystore Self Storage’s excellent storage options for tradespeople today!