Listing Corrections
1—-If you are contacting us to update your listing kindly go to the page where your listing is and click on “claim listing” –a button close to the listing, create an account and when we approve the “claim listing “ you can login with the details of the account you created and update your listing yourself. We suggest you claim the listing and update it yourself so you can add more information to your listings including pictures,etc.

Listing Deletion
2—-To make a request for the removal of business/name, etc from our database,
Please provide the following items in e-mail:
–Website: Please send us the exact the web address which you want to delete, such as: “http:// domain / ***. html
(which is the URL you want to delete on the browser page).
— Delete Message: Please offer the reasons why you want to delete the contents of the page.
Kindly send am email to viantea at .


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